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name: Kali
nick: The Butcher (It's a shout out to Pyramid Head from SH2 as well as a pseudonym and the way I analyze.)
birthday: September 10, 1982
location: Canada
things i want: Viggo, Doberman.

i like: Writing and drawing. Viggo Mortensen. Coffee. Sugar. Being moody/sarcastic. Scrawny pale guys. Yaoi. Sushi. Go-tees. Piercings. Throwing things off my balconey. Morbid conversations. RPing. Vampires. The dark and macabre. Chibi's. Aragorn. Fire. Ninjas. Wasting time. My Hamster, Vegeta and my weird fishie Mister Aragorn. Green Tea. Kazou Kiriyama. Shinji Mimura. Anth's RCED drawings. Desmond Harrington.

i don't like: Spiders. Crying. Helplessness. Thoughtless people. Closeminded People. Pressure (the bad kind)

i like: Akira. Battle Royale. Dragon Ball Z. Rurouni Kenshin. Gundam Wing. Love Kazuna. X. Ninja Scroll. Vampire Hunter D. Lodoss Wars. Please Save My Earth. Street Fighter II: the movie. Bakuretsu Hunters.

i also like: The Head. Squee. Angel Sanctuary. Fushigi Yuugi. Tank Dominion Police. Hamtaro. Blackjack. Blood: the Last Vampire. The Maxx. Law and Order. Are You Being Served. CSI. Red Dwarf.

i don't like: Many people. Public Washrooms. My roommate's/Cel's comments about wingwongs >_>;;.

music i like: Tool. Deftones. System of a Down. Massive Attack. Finger Eleven. Trust Company. Dir En Grey. Godsmack. Sevendust. Tricky. Kittie (old stuff). Korn. Linkin Park. Luna Sea. VAST.
Not to mention Yoko Kanno. This list could continue for days.

movies i like: Lord of the Rings. Resident Evil. What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Blade. Usual Suspects. Boondock Saints. Donnie Darko. Night of the Living Dead. The Breakfast Club. Prison. Dazed and Confused. Formula 51. American Yakuza. Gone in 60 Seconds. Hackers. The Gods Must Be Crazy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ocean's Eleven. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The Mummy. Hero. Fast and the Furious. Ghostship. Momento. Police Academy series. Yeah, I like boyish movies, keeps the adrenaline flowing ^_~

video games i like: Resident Evil 1-4, Code Veronica, Gun Survivor, ReBirth, Outbreak. Silent Hill 1/2. Ehrgeiz. Vagrant Story. Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (GC). Devil May Cry. King of Fighters. Grand Theft Auto. Onimusha. Metal Gear Solid 1/2, VR Missions. Street Fighter. Fifa 2000. Pikmin. Tetris.

What...the fuck.
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    The Butcher list

    Saturday, October 11, 2003

    ooo ooo, desktop update, hahaha, since a few of you got a kick out of checking out my last desktop picture, i just added a few more things on my desktop and a new picture, i have no idea what you all find so amusing but here you go!

    Listening: Rang De - A.R. Rahman
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    The Butcher list

    Wednesday, October 08, 2003

    (my offline mind notes.)
    Sept. 28/03

    Hmm, what to write here, I cant really think of anything to write here, it feels good to just type on here. I really do need a laptop though.

    I wish i had him close to me again, i really miss him, i wish he was around, the male in my life to be my silent associate shopper. That one male friend that did whatever you asked when you asked it and still seemed like he wasnt pussy whipped (unless you were dating him.) All in all, I miss one of my best friends. Apparently he does a lot and that makes him busy but still, i miss him and want him around me again. I feel like nothing is right at the moment; I mean, I work 40 hours a week so five of my days in a week are stolen by a corperate company that loves to praise the fact that "we" are a recyling company and help the world. But the $$$ is always written on the walls. Its unavoidable. I have multiple cuts on my hands from being a 'bins' employee and just recently have wrapped my left ankle in my pinkish colored bandage because I bruised and scratched it nicely. From what, I have no clue but i know it was from my job. I also have a bruise on each shoulder. Hot showers are always oh so good nowadays and this coming from a person that thinks the bathtub is a good place to sleep in and not bathe in.

    Anyways, back to 'him' I really do miss him, I have that obligation to fix this whole mess that made me fuck it all up in 2k. He was around and we always goofed around and did stupid things. Seem seems to keep the faith, which makes me have a little hope. Actually, he never really crossed my mind this badly until I regained mine and Seem's friendship once again. She brought him up that one night when me, Cel and herself were on a money spending spree with the cash Cel had collected for our 'old' place. Which reminds me, I need to reroute my friggin mail. Shit. I totally forgot too. I shall do that tomorrow if I remember, considering my feet will be in extreme pain for coming back to work.
    Man...I really have no idea what to do anymore. This is pure chaos in my head, I feel like i should be alright now, at least for six months, thats when my dad wants to move again, it seems im so good at moving and yet I still have so much I keep to myself, as my mom and my dad say, I have way too much junk. I wish I did have a place I could live at till i grow old. I'm just so uprooted that I can never have a constant. I'm so...wild in ways, I sometimes really worry about it.

    Life seems so cut short for me, I feel really messed up over it. I mean, Im glad I'm working, I have an income now, but really, I know myself well enough to know Im not cut out for this 8 hours a day 5 days a week bullshit. I'm really too 'jumpy' to be 'controlled' and 'set' into that sort of manner.

    Sometimes I wish my dad didn't drink so much. Perhaps it because he's depressed over being so helpless because of his leg and not being able to work and being dependant. But i dont like it at times. I dunno. Whatever, I have no idea what I really really do wanna say. I think I have to move again at the end of April and well won' t that be quite thrilling in itself. I know for sure my dad is going to demand I pack up before I go on my trip to California which will be stupid since the easter weekend is what? like the middle of April and I'll be gone on a short enough time to be able to still have a week and a half to pack up? Especially since I had only 24 hours to pack for the move I just did. Slowly but surely though, I think I'll give away and throw away things i really dont consider keeping. Even though I am a pack rat and things like doujinshi's and old kids toys are things i will not let go, I think ill start putting my mind frame innto tight little restrictions and toss junk that really has no use. Like my 4 foot whatever stuffed Doberman my ex (at the time boyfriend) won for me at the amusement park. I love Doberman's but really, do I need this thing? Seem will probably give the poor thing a home and if not her, I think my mom wouldn't mind having him, she already took my eagle painting. I really dont like Eagles but i did like that painting...well i have no room for it and i will take it back once i do have some space. As for the ex is a mongrel that should be casterated without anesthetic because he's a fucking dickhead whole usually likes thinking with the wrong head anyway and i dont need a stuffed toy that he won for me, reminding me each and every day the mistake I made my dating him.

    Oct. 5/03

    The writer's block is finally kicking out its lock on me, which is making me glad because ive been on a block for about 2.5 months now and it was pretty depressing. I just need to make everything work again and hopefully I can save up for my trip to in August, I hope xmas will take care of some of that too ^_~ *grins*

    I've been on and off my artistry, pics and sketches are all half done and half assed as well as headless males looking sexy in their frames and poses but missing a place for a head, of course of course. Gesh. Well Oct. 30 is Cel's birthday and I dont have too much money on me so I figure I can draw her a picture of one of her favourite men. Since I dont know how often she reads my online diary, I wont write what I'm planning to draw as of yet, but I'm trying to sure as hell keep it shirtless and sexy as she would love. ^_~ I need to jump on ebay to check some stuff too, hopefully i can find something cute and Pucca, heh, or Kenshin, who knows, im all nuts anyway lol

    Woo I watched Gossip recently, and finally since Norman Reedus is in it, otherwise known as my favie character Murphy in Boondock Saints. Anyway, he plays a really cute character in it as the 'starving' artist so I pretty much loved the flick even though the movie was overly good, it was sorta...guessible in the end, but i liked it, even James whatshisface, the Cyclops dude from X-men was a good character, but yeah, Norman, mrow teehee. ^_^;;

    As for the next movies i wanna see, I can't wait to see the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Oct. 17, I'm pretty hyped and me and Cel are going to see it the night it comes out, even my sister wants to tag along. Also, I figured I wanna see House of the Dead. I guess because of the guns...zombies and guns make me drool like Homer Simpson daydreaming about a doughnut...or any food. That and video games, which reminds me that i have to find out again when Metal Gear's Snake Eater is coming out, fuck, that will kick some major ass, heh. But thats another story. Kill Bill is also coming out, on Oct. 10th i gather. Tarantino is an awsome filmmaker and anyone who thinks otherwise can kiss my ass ^_^

    Listening: With or Without You - U2
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