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name: Kali
nick: The Butcher (It's a shout out to Pyramid Head from SH2 as well as a pseudonym and the way I analyze.)
birthday: September 10, 1982
location: Canada
things i want: Viggo, Doberman.

i like: Writing and drawing. Viggo Mortensen. Coffee. Sugar. Being moody/sarcastic. Scrawny pale guys. Yaoi. Sushi. Go-tees. Piercings. Throwing things off my balconey. Morbid conversations. RPing. Vampires. The dark and macabre. Chibi's. Aragorn. Fire. Ninjas. Wasting time. My Hamster, Vegeta and my weird fishie Mister Aragorn. Green Tea. Kazou Kiriyama. Shinji Mimura. Anth's RCED drawings. Desmond Harrington.

i don't like: Spiders. Crying. Helplessness. Thoughtless people. Closeminded People. Pressure (the bad kind)

i like: Akira. Battle Royale. Dragon Ball Z. Rurouni Kenshin. Gundam Wing. Love Kazuna. X. Ninja Scroll. Vampire Hunter D. Lodoss Wars. Please Save My Earth. Street Fighter II: the movie. Bakuretsu Hunters.

i also like: The Head. Squee. Angel Sanctuary. Fushigi Yuugi. Tank Dominion Police. Hamtaro. Blackjack. Blood: the Last Vampire. The Maxx. Law and Order. Are You Being Served. CSI. Red Dwarf.

i don't like: Many people. Public Washrooms. My roommate's/Cel's comments about wingwongs >_>;;.

music i like: Tool. Deftones. System of a Down. Massive Attack. Finger Eleven. Trust Company. Dir En Grey. Godsmack. Sevendust. Tricky. Kittie (old stuff). Korn. Linkin Park. Luna Sea. VAST.
Not to mention Yoko Kanno. This list could continue for days.

movies i like: Lord of the Rings. Resident Evil. What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Blade. Usual Suspects. Boondock Saints. Donnie Darko. Night of the Living Dead. The Breakfast Club. Prison. Dazed and Confused. Formula 51. American Yakuza. Gone in 60 Seconds. Hackers. The Gods Must Be Crazy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ocean's Eleven. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The Mummy. Hero. Fast and the Furious. Ghostship. Momento. Police Academy series. Yeah, I like boyish movies, keeps the adrenaline flowing ^_~

video games i like: Resident Evil 1-4, Code Veronica, Gun Survivor, ReBirth, Outbreak. Silent Hill 1/2. Ehrgeiz. Vagrant Story. Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (GC). Devil May Cry. King of Fighters. Grand Theft Auto. Onimusha. Metal Gear Solid 1/2, VR Missions. Street Fighter. Fifa 2000. Pikmin. Tetris.

What...the fuck.
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    Saturday, August 16, 2003

    Hmm, haven't done much today, went with Cel to McDick's and talked about some story ideas on Alexander's lack of Zoe when the twins are born and he needing a bath....yeah, makes no sense to you but thought I would say it anyway. Cel went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean again, too much Orlando for me, Johnny Depp is cool though, his rum infatuation is great. ^_^ Got a phone card and called up Chris, turns out my phone is an asshole and i had to tell him to call me, ah well its all good. Call got cut short from his mom...whats with nosy parents? My mother's the same way x.x ...but so is my dad, but he's okay about things lol Dad's leg is doing fine, i miss that bugger, have to go see how he is tomorrow or something, i miss hanging out with him, i miss him overall anyway...stupid jerk, making me miss him, how dare he! lol

    Legolas (the cat, not the elf) is being cute today, more so than normal, fell asleep with his head on my knee, he hasnt done that in a while considering he likes to sleep in suitcases and corners heh...I think he just misses Cel a lot.
    Woop, speaking of Cel, I talked to her sister Cat, whooaaa, she might be able to try her hand at drawing Kiriyama for me XD!!! She's a good artist and has a wide ranged mind for ideas so im stoked, but i would have to wait till after September, but I guess its worth it lol.

    Hope Celeste gets home soon, have to go pick up a package from the post office and get some chicken burgers and licorice, I was contemplating playing RE:Rebirth/Remake so I can try to get a little ahead since Joe loves to say how he beat it. Ehh...but with this Silent Hill 3 hype, I might go for playing the psychological thriller and throw on Silent Hill 2...I AM BANNING SILENT HILL 3 FROM MY HOME AS OF NOW! >_< !!!
    Yeah, anyway, yay for me...I'll prolly write something else laters, see yaz.

    Listening: Session - Linkin Park
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    The Butcher list

    Friday, August 15, 2003

    Today's conclusion:

    KalikaSaiyajin: im going to hell for statutory rape
    Jaddis SSJ: sinner

    On another note...
    I Dunna like Silent Hill 3, I read the plot summary...yeah...
    SILENT HILL 3 SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ;_; We find out Harry Mason gets murdered!!! WHY?!?! Because Claudia is a Sonofabitch! That's why!!! He's my Favourite character!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Listening: Capricorn - 30 Seconds to Mars
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    The Butcher list

    Thursday, August 14, 2003

    KalikaSaiyajin: aww i like this image, Billy looks so creepy with just half his face
    WiredXNavi: lmao you fanatic
    WiredXNavi: ^^
    KalikaSaiyajin: yes... i am
    WiredXNavi: thats a good thing o.@
    WiredXNavi: i cant wait till the next movie comes out
    KalikaSaiyajin: its shot to hell
    KalikaSaiyajin: o_o
    WiredXNavi: >____>
    WiredXNavi: your fired
    WiredXNavi: -____-'' is there anyone at ALL that liked the damn movie cept me
    WiredXNavi: and besides v.v nemesis ish gonna be in it
    KalikaSaiyajin: I liked it, it just didnt work
    WiredXNavi: how so
    WiredXNavi: o.o
    KalikaSaiyajin: Its a piece of shit
    KalikaSaiyajin: relaly, it is
    KalikaSaiyajin: *really
    WiredXNavi: "cries
    WiredXNavi: dream crusher x.x
    KalikaSaiyajin: im sick and tired of everyone covering for it
    WiredXNavi: -___-
    WiredXNavi: not here
    WiredXNavi: it gets falmed
    WiredXNavi: "flamed
    WiredXNavi: no one likes it here
    KalikaSaiyajin: Romero would have made it better wiping his ass with it
    KalikaSaiyajin: >_< !!!
    WiredXNavi: <________<
    KalikaSaiyajin: im soooo sorry but i am quite ticked and if you read my rant you would see that im already pissed at the casting
    WiredXNavi: lmao
    KalikaSaiyajin: I AM happy Eric Mabius (aka Matt) is still in it
    WiredXNavi: "pats
    WiredXNavi: settle down dear
    KalikaSaiyajin: you brought it up! lol
    WiredXNavi: lol
    WiredXNavi: still settle down ;_;
    KalikaSaiyajin: I went to see it at midnight the night it came out, I got ID'ed AT the door, AT the counter and IN the theatre...I loved the movie because the J.D. getting ambushed part scared me for some reason but the thing was so weird, as a movie it was great, as a resi movie it was mediocre. They mutated the Licker for christsakes, what the hell?! HE DOESNT MUTATE! >_KalikaSaiyajin: *falls over*
    KalikaSaiyajin: okay...i vented
    KalikaSaiyajin: im calm now.
    KalikaSaiyajin: ^_^
    WiredXNavi: "stabs himself in the eyes
    WiredXNavi: ^^ thats nice dear
    KalikaSaiyajin: why are you stabbing yourself?
    WiredXNavi: ^^ no reason dear
    WiredXNavi: you know
    WiredXNavi: i really do love your ava
    WiredXNavi: o.o
    WiredXNavi: its so cute
    WiredXNavi: XD
    KalikaSaiyajin: vent if you want i will listen, im not gonna get mad for covering it i already know you like it, hell i have it on VHS and im borrowing the dvd from someone else till i have cash to blow to get it
    KalikaSaiyajin: I bought her gloves before clothes
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    WiredXNavi: <_______< do you want to know why i like it?
    KalikaSaiyajin: why
    WiredXNavi: becuase no one looks at the positives <___< they ACTUALLY kept the mansion, they ACTUALLY kept to the umbrella sign, they even had a licker, maybea fucked up one, but a licker at that, and they actually had the train, ;___; and the structure of the underground laboratory actually resembled the one in RE2 what im saying is they did a good job at keeping the mood
    WiredXNavi: now let me explain
    WiredXNavi: you know the house of the dead game correct?
    KalikaSaiyajin: The mansion wasnt done as a RESI mansion, it was done as a gaurd, a fake house, it wasnt even close, it looked more like the tower place in Re:Zero than anything it pissed me off. Yes they did keep the logo, which was great shit, esp when the casing for the bullet fell. Yeah, I agree, they had Alexi so it was something. They didnt have the morgue though! YOU NEED THE MORGUE, it scared the fuckers out of me
    KalikaSaiyajin: yes
    WiredXNavi: well they have an upcoming house of the dead movie and i am in no way looking forward to it, becuase the only thing it has incommon with the game is the appearances of zombies, and even then thye dont look the same, but impointing this out becuase in almost EVERY video game turned into a movie they fuck it up and screw it all to hell, take the mario brother for instance WTF was that!?!?!?!?!?!?! although jon leguizamos is funny BUT STILL and yoshi was a frikkin raptor thing, im jsut saying ppl should give it props for keeping at least SOME of the story line intact
    KalikaSaiyajin: AND, on a side note, I dont hate it, i just think they ruined it in a way. >_< I still watch it very often
    WiredXNavi: XD
    WiredXNavi: lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: Oi, I like Mario Brothers...but i think they wanted to evolutionize it because it cant be cutesey poo kirby's up your ass bullshit, and Yoshi is my fave. Mario Brother's character, he still ate someone lol!
    KalikaSaiyajin: Tomb Raider was good I found.
    WiredXNavi: ;_____;
    WiredXNavi: i havent seen tomb raider -______-''
    KalikaSaiyajin: What are they supposed to do? Get a rounded balloony shaped dino thingy and paint him gree?
    KalikaSaiyajin: *green
    WiredXNavi: yes =D
    WiredXNavi: lol

    (Woop to my Shougo lol!)

    Listening: My December - Linkin Park
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    The Butcher list

    Wednesday, August 13, 2003

    Eeee, put a bannery thingy up of Masanobu Ando and Takashi Tsukamoto (hot boys! lol! :P)
    But thats not why im posting right now....

    OKAY! It is RANT TIME!

    I went fucking around on the movie database today and since i was in a Resi mood i went to check out if they updated the casting list for RE:Apocalypse. I KNEW they would have Oded Fehr in it (better known as Antoine Laconte in Deuce Bigalo and Ardeth Bay in Mummy 1 and 2), anyway, i was stoked, that guy is so cool! And I wanted to know who the guy would be for the sexy Spaniard Carlos Olivera...I go there and lo and behold, to my shock Oded IS casted as Carlos! O_O!!!!!

    Now...I would like to make it perfectly clear that I love Oded with all my heart, he rocks in Mummy! And he had his first bus ride in Mummy 2 and him saying "here fishy fishy fishy!" in Deuce was so utterly adorable, but does anyone have any inkling to the fact that Oded is ISRAELIAN and Carlos is HISPANIC!!! >_< !!! Don't get me wrong, i will be more than happy to see Oded as Carlos because i would prefer him to some weird guy whom no one has heard of and butt ugly, which Carlos Olivera IS NOT >_<

    I just don't know what the hell Paul Anderson and the rest of his crew are doing...Gimmie the video games and George A. Romero's script any day...and to the person who is responsible for casting...SHIT ON YOU!!!!!!! Even tho Oded rocks and so does Eric Mabius!

    I'm done, back to watching humorus RE commentaries...

    Listening: Resident Evil Main Title Theme (Score) - Marilyn Manson
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    The Butcher list

    Monday, August 11, 2003

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    The Butcher list

    Sunday, August 10, 2003

    Yo..ah heh...too much coffee...heh...
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