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name: Kali
nick: The Butcher (It's a shout out to Pyramid Head from SH2 as well as a pseudonym and the way I analyze.)
birthday: September 10, 1982
location: Canada
things i want: Viggo, Doberman.

i like: Writing and drawing. Viggo Mortensen. Coffee. Sugar. Being moody/sarcastic. Scrawny pale guys. Yaoi. Sushi. Go-tees. Piercings. Throwing things off my balconey. Morbid conversations. RPing. Vampires. The dark and macabre. Chibi's. Aragorn. Fire. Ninjas. Wasting time. My Hamster, Vegeta and my weird fishie Mister Aragorn. Green Tea. Kazou Kiriyama. Shinji Mimura. Anth's RCED drawings. Desmond Harrington.

i don't like: Spiders. Crying. Helplessness. Thoughtless people. Closeminded People. Pressure (the bad kind)

i like: Akira. Battle Royale. Dragon Ball Z. Rurouni Kenshin. Gundam Wing. Love Kazuna. X. Ninja Scroll. Vampire Hunter D. Lodoss Wars. Please Save My Earth. Street Fighter II: the movie. Bakuretsu Hunters.

i also like: The Head. Squee. Angel Sanctuary. Fushigi Yuugi. Tank Dominion Police. Hamtaro. Blackjack. Blood: the Last Vampire. The Maxx. Law and Order. Are You Being Served. CSI. Red Dwarf.

i don't like: Many people. Public Washrooms. My roommate's/Cel's comments about wingwongs >_>;;.

music i like: Tool. Deftones. System of a Down. Massive Attack. Finger Eleven. Trust Company. Dir En Grey. Godsmack. Sevendust. Tricky. Kittie (old stuff). Korn. Linkin Park. Luna Sea. VAST.
Not to mention Yoko Kanno. This list could continue for days.

movies i like: Lord of the Rings. Resident Evil. What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Blade. Usual Suspects. Boondock Saints. Donnie Darko. Night of the Living Dead. The Breakfast Club. Prison. Dazed and Confused. Formula 51. American Yakuza. Gone in 60 Seconds. Hackers. The Gods Must Be Crazy. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ocean's Eleven. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The Mummy. Hero. Fast and the Furious. Ghostship. Momento. Police Academy series. Yeah, I like boyish movies, keeps the adrenaline flowing ^_~

video games i like: Resident Evil 1-4, Code Veronica, Gun Survivor, ReBirth, Outbreak. Silent Hill 1/2. Ehrgeiz. Vagrant Story. Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (GC). Devil May Cry. King of Fighters. Grand Theft Auto. Onimusha. Metal Gear Solid 1/2, VR Missions. Street Fighter. Fifa 2000. Pikmin. Tetris.

What...the fuck.
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    The Butcher list

    Friday, September 12, 2003

    My gosh do I love Sea Lab! ^_____^

    Episode: "Chickmate"
    (Basically Debbie suddenly wants to have a child....)

    Dr. Quinn: What if everyone went around calling you White Stormy?
    Stormy: mean there's Stormy?
    Dr. Quinn:

    Debbie: Why do you think i should choose you, to father my baby?
    Captain Murphy: Huh? Well I mean I thought that you were going to, well I mean, adopt one of us...

    *Hesh pops up on the screen*
    Stormy: Hesh get off! My tape's playing!
    Hesh: SHUT UP!
    Hesh: Debbie get down here! Give Hesh some SEX!
    Stormy: Hesh! This isn't funny!
    Hesh: Be real funny when I crack you with a PIPE!
    Stormy: Okay! I'm coming down there!
    Hesh: Shut up!
    Debbie: Well, now Hesh...
    Hesh: Shut up!
    Debbie: Um...okay...Why do you think you would make a good father?
    Hesh: *long pause* Uuuhhmmm...*scratches his ass* Gimmie a second...*longer pause*..uhhhh...SEX!

    Sparks: Okay Debbie, forget about Hesh.
    Debbie: Okayyy.
    Sparks: I've got something for you.
    Debbie: What is it?
    Sparks: A book.
    Debbie: What's the book?
    Sparks: A modest proposal.
    Debbie: By whom?
    Sparks: Jonathan Swift.
    Debbie: And what is the book about?
    Sparks: Eating babies.

    Captain Murphy: *Talking to/about Debbie* Mommy! Don't talk like that! Get away from my mommy!

    Sparks: *To Stormy* God, you're stupid.
    Stormy: Hey shut your hatch!
    Sparks: You shut your hatch!
    Captain Murphy: Stop! You're scaring mommy!
    Hesh: Hesh wants some SEX!

    Listening: Opening Theme - Sea Lab 2021
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    The Butcher list

    Thursday, September 11, 2003

    Ohh, i have an ongoing birthday, i will report about it on monday i think, i got a new job! YEAH! One where i can wear Jeans and a Tshirt XD!!!

    This is what my desktop looks like right now...sorta like my friggin brain...

    Listening: Dark Machine - Paul Oakenfold
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    The Butcher list

    Tuesday, September 09, 2003

    AHHHH MY B-DAY IS TOMORROW ;_; I feel so sad about it yet happy! Nuoyuuuuuuu!!!
    I don't know what to say...really I don't...the one thing i really want for my birthday i cant have, nnnnuuueww! *_*

    Listening: If You Tolerate this...Then Your Children Will be Next...-David Usher
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    The Butcher list

    Monday, September 08, 2003

    Kali killed someone at 4:06 PM

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    The Butcher list

    Sunday, September 07, 2003

    Due to the fact that he's cute when he whines, Joseph has wanted a large placement in my Online Diary. Since he's played a very good and a very Sexy Wesker, I grant him this wish. That and the fact that he's one of my favourite people. *hugs* To Joe, my publicity whore. ^_~

    Jaddis SSJ: So how come I never make it onto your online journal?

    Auto response from KalikaSaiyajin: I'm not here, instead, you can look
    this ^_^

    KalikaSaiyajin: do something interesting and maybe you'll make it
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    Jaddis SSJ: wow, and surely I thought the "I'm not a pervert, just a
    desperate man whose made alot of mistakes" was funny
    KalikaSaiyajin: actually, i lost that line so i couldnt use it
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    Jaddis SSJ: ahhh, I see
    Jaddis SSJ: so whats up?
    KalikaSaiyajin: usually when im talking, whatever makes me laugh i put
    as you may have seen, Anthony was making a comic of himself
    Jaddis SSJ: yeah...

    Jaddis SSJ: yeah well I am back RPing, doing my thing....did you see my
    addition to teh FAQ for the club?
    KalikaSaiyajin: no i didnt, i like when you tell me lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: ah
    Jaddis SSJ: hahah
    Jaddis SSJ: read it and see if you can find it
    KalikaSaiyajin: okay i go see
    KalikaSaiyajin: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaddis SSJ: ah, I got that out of the way, so when ppl complain to me
    being an asshole I can just say look at the FAQ
    Jaddis SSJ: although I should really go into a huge deal as to why I'm
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol awww, tell them to come talk to me
    Jaddis SSJ: maybe some example?
    Jaddis SSJ: or examples
    KalikaSaiyajin: i think you talk really authoritatively and they
    mistake it,
    remember, I thought Anthony was a real asshole when i first came into
    contact with him
    KalikaSaiyajin: people should be asking why im a bitch
    Jaddis SSJ: HAHAHAHA
    Jaddis SSJ: I think I come across as the asshole because I'M the one
    always tries to keep the peace
    Jaddis SSJ: you wanna kill them off the bat
    Jaddis SSJ: but don't get me wrong, thats got sex appeal written all
    over it
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah true that
    KalikaSaiyajin: yes i do
    KalikaSaiyajin: *laughs*
    Jaddis SSJ: which is why the nice little kids want on you
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol oh god
    Jaddis SSJ: "Now that Wesker is out of the picture, you'll be looking
    for a
    man to replace him. I know that my voice hasn't deepened yet, but I
    you to know I'm there for you"
    KalikaSaiyajin: LMAO
    Jaddis SSJ: "Now how about some suger for your this little boy"
    KalikaSaiyajin: thats really scary
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    Jaddis SSJ: mwhahahahahahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: you are so pushing for a post in my diary
    KalikaSaiyajin: *laughs*
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: thats so bad Bobo
    Jaddis SSJ: I CRAVE it
    Jaddis SSJ: I want the attention
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: aww
    Jaddis SSJ: its like a drug...the fame, glory,
    Jaddis SSJ: so I'm obsessed with Soul Reaver right now
    KalikaSaiyajin: ^_^
    Jaddis SSJ: yes I know its a complete switch of topics
    KalikaSaiyajin: oh are you now?
    Jaddis SSJ: YES, I AM
    Jaddis SSJ: yes and caps were required to type that one
    Jaddis SSJ: so much so that I wrote a short story about it
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah I see, tho get your ass in gear, tho Kali BETTER
    NOT be
    smelling now Chari scents off you, next thing you see is someone
    walking by
    a trashcan with Wesker's legs barely hanging out.
    KalikaSaiyajin: oh cool ^_^
    KalikaSaiyajin: *new
    Jaddis SSJ: Wesker might have to put Kali back in her place
    Jaddis SSJ: KIDDING
    Jaddis SSJ: *Hides*
    Jaddis SSJ: but the funny thing is I have NEVER played Soul Reaver
    KalikaSaiyajin: Soul reaver is weird lol
    Jaddis SSJ: is there boss music for each Vampire Lieutenant?
    KalikaSaiyajin: Kalika may just have to tell Steven to stay a little
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: kidding o_o
    Jaddis SSJ: *peeks from behind a bar stool" sure.....
    Jaddis SSJ: you want the steroid enraged man meat
    KalikaSaiyajin: Bar stool! LMAO *forks you*
    KalikaSaiyajin: JOE!
    KalikaSaiyajin: >_<
    Jaddis SSJ: HAHA
    Jaddis SSJ: and I was about to type *pulls it out*
    Jaddis SSJ: meaning the fork, but the message was so wrong
    KalikaSaiyajin: O_O
    KalikaSaiyajin: oh ok
    KalikaSaiyajin: YEAH!
    KalikaSaiyajin: no kidding
    Jaddis SSJ: steroid enraged man meat
    Jaddis SSJ: GOD thats good
    Jaddis SSJ: I'm on fire with the perverse jokes
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah no kidding, you'll a long post
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: O_o
    KalikaSaiyajin: *get
    Jaddis SSJ: ~.~
    KalikaSaiyajin: *pokes*
    Jaddis SSJ: *pokes you back*
    Jaddis SSJ: hmmm, so what else can be said???
    KalikaSaiyajin: At least you're saying anything about firey crotches,
    getting sick of that comment
    KalikaSaiyajin: *bites* XD
    Jaddis SSJ: firey crotches...sounds more like someone's got issues with
    their STDs
    Jaddis SSJ: *slobbers all over your arm to make you let go*
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah probably
    KalikaSaiyajin: O_o
    KalikaSaiyajin: *lets go*
    Jaddis SSJ: Can I ask a favor...just CHECK to see if Soul Reaver MP3s
    KalikaSaiyajin: ok
    Jaddis SSJ: last time I did that you got mad at me
    Jaddis SSJ: I am mainly looking for Zephon, Rahab, Dumah or Melchiah
    themes...because I am obsessed
    KalikaSaiyajin: i know, i wanted to tear your head off and shove it up
    KalikaSaiyajin: no, not really
    KalikaSaiyajin: i was joking
    Jaddis SSJ: this obsession borders my RE obsession and Halo obsession
    KalikaSaiyajin: *cough* Halo sucks* Cough cough*
    Jaddis SSJ: see, I don't think my head would fit up my ass, cause
    most cattle(people) I tend to keep it out of there
    Jaddis SSJ: FUCK YOU!!!!
    Jaddis SSJ: it does not suck
    Jaddis SSJ: most amazing game ever
    KalikaSaiyajin: you lost your privledge to go into the journal
    Jaddis SSJ: well then it was worth it....just to avenge HALO
    KalikaSaiyajin: FUCK YOU
    KalikaSaiyajin: I hate you
    Jaddis SSJ: FUCK YOU
    Jaddis SSJ: *growls at her*
    KalikaSaiyajin: FUCK YOU!
    KalikaSaiyajin: *glares at him*
    Jaddis SSJ: *leaps with a fork, jabbing her in the ass MULTIPLE time*
    Jaddis SSJ: *drops to the floor exhausted*
    Jaddis SSJ: too much cursing
    KalikaSaiyajin: *kicks him in shin* stop stabbing me you fucking
    prick! Go
    sleep with some girl you usually pick up in the street corner!
    Jaddis SSJ: I do NOT...well maybe...NO I don't pick up girls on the
    KalikaSaiyajin: Yeah you do you fucking slut
    Jaddis SSJ: hahah, sadly enough your not the first to call me that
    Jaddis SSJ: which is really messed up
    KalikaSaiyajin: aw shit, there must be a crew
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha
    Jaddis SSJ: join their club of...we hate joe
    KalikaSaiyajin: I will
    KalikaSaiyajin: damn poser that he is
    Jaddis SSJ: poser?
    Jaddis SSJ: in no way am I a poser
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah, a poser and an asshole
    KalikaSaiyajin: and a slut
    KalikaSaiyajin: and a whiny bitch
    Jaddis SSJ: read the FAQ dealing with me being an asshole
    KalikaSaiyajin: and a pervert
    KalikaSaiyajin: and he looks ugly
    KalikaSaiyajin: REALLY ugly
    Jaddis SSJ: as for the others, I may need to write an FAQ for that
    KalikaSaiyajin: man, have you seen him?
    KalikaSaiyajin: shit man, should go back under the rock he crawled out
    Jaddis SSJ: yeah, I had to gouge out my own eyes from seeing him
    Jaddis SSJ: perhaps we could cut off his fingers so he can't type, so
    mouth shut so he can't speak and then bury him alive and do the world a
    Jaddis SSJ: that work
    KalikaSaiyajin: I know, im right with you man
    KalikaSaiyajin: he's so fucking annoying too
    Jaddis SSJ: not a problem, I'll go push him out the 3rd story window
    now, let him do a swan dive onto the concrete driveway right outside
    KalikaSaiyajin: there are only conversation bits those guys you
    KalikaSaiyajin: Sweet buddy! Take a picture! I would love that!
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha...yeah, I figured as much
    Jaddis SSJ: thanks for checking, I won't make you send me anything, for
    of exciting another outrage onslaught
    KalikaSaiyajin: well i can send them, i just want to know exactly what
    lil bitch so that I dont get everything
    Jaddis SSJ: ok...well the dialogue I would like
    Jaddis SSJ: as for music...I dunno...send me 1 or 2 that you think are
    Jaddis SSJ: you judge it seeing as you know what I like
    Jaddis SSJ: THANK YOU
    KalikaSaiyajin: what music? Soul Reaver music?
    Jaddis SSJ: man I am gonna get a beat down
    Jaddis SSJ: yes
    Jaddis SSJ: you know, I think if we ever met, I wouldn't get a hug or a
    smile, but probably an ass whooping
    KalikaSaiyajin: No, as payment, i want to sleep with you, you know, see
    the girls like..*wink wink, nudge nudge*
    KalikaSaiyajin: kidding
    Jaddis SSJ: hahahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah prolly
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    Jaddis SSJ: sleeping with me
    Jaddis SSJ: you would just fantasize me as Wesker
    Jaddis SSJ: which wouldn't be too much of a stretch
    Jaddis SSJ: lucky for you
    KalikaSaiyajin: Hmm, you know, if i did, I would
    Jaddis SSJ: OUCH
    KalikaSaiyajin: tho i would say Joe
    KalikaSaiyajin: easier than Wesker
    KalikaSaiyajin: LOL
    Jaddis SSJ: hahahahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: ^_~
    Jaddis SSJ: "OH JOE...I mean ALBERT..*
    KalikaSaiyajin: LMAO
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah you cant pleasurabley say..."oh Albert"
    KalikaSaiyajin: Cel feels bad for all the woman who are married to
    Jaddis SSJ: and thats probably why I get so much action, Joe is so much
    easier to say
    Jaddis SSJ: forget looks
    KalikaSaiyajin: LOL
    KalikaSaiyajin: youre such a slut
    KalikaSaiyajin: But Joe is so much easier to say
    Jaddis SSJ: join the verbal abuse club
    KalikaSaiyajin: but it gets boring, so you have to say your whole name,
    i would >_>
    Jaddis SSJ: hahahha
    Jaddis SSJ: OH JOSEPH

    Jaddis SSJ: yeah, cause you would really wanna scream that mouth full
    Jaddis SSJ: although....
    KalikaSaiyajin: No not like that doofus
    KalikaSaiyajin: O_O
    Jaddis SSJ: :-D
    KalikaSaiyajin: Youre gonna get a kickin in the groin
    KalikaSaiyajin: >_>
    Jaddis SSJ: you can' would I ensure my demon seed continues to
    next generation?
    KalikaSaiyajin: you awful
    KalikaSaiyajin: :P
    Jaddis SSJ: hahah
    Jaddis SSJ: and yet you still consider me a friend
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah i know, love you too much to hate you
    Jaddis SSJ: thank god
    KalikaSaiyajin: O_o
    KalikaSaiyajin: heh
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah Kazaa doesnt like working for you
    Jaddis SSJ: probably bares the same hate you do when I ask to d/l songs
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah, it loves me
    Jaddis SSJ: as do most beings
    KalikaSaiyajin: no one loves me, im loveless
    KalikaSaiyajin: ;_;
    Jaddis SSJ: right...
    KalikaSaiyajin: its true!
    KalikaSaiyajin: you dont love me
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    Jaddis SSJ: not true
    KalikaSaiyajin: bleh bleh
    Jaddis SSJ: beleive what you want
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah I will *smacks your bum* ^_~
    Jaddis SSJ: and in all honesty...if Kazaa is being a bitch, then just
    the make it easier for you
    Jaddis SSJ: hey now...
    KalikaSaiyajin: yeah the funny thing is, it wont download anything else
    wanted so i have to wait and see
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: what? *grins*
    Jaddis SSJ: copping feels of someone elses merchandise usually leads to
    Jaddis SSJ: like you, my gf is quite the jealous type
    KalikaSaiyajin: *laughs* Yeah you wish I was copping a feel
    Jaddis SSJ: yes, would give meaning to my meager existence
    KalikaSaiyajin: *Raises a brow* Just because she willingly takes her
    clothes off for you doesnt mean she's your gf
    KalikaSaiyajin: :P
    KalikaSaiyajin: kidding
    Jaddis SSJ: AAHHH
    Jaddis SSJ: that hurts
    KalikaSaiyajin: sorry, i was a little sore about your other remark

    KalikaSaiyajin: oo Leon is looking sexay
    KalikaSaiyajin: ^_^
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: I love the facelift they gave him, am I a cow for
    liking him
    now instead of in the past...yes. Do I give a rats ass? No, not
    Jaddis SSJ: haha
    Jaddis SSJ: I can see that
    Jaddis SSJ: RE4 version ONLY
    KalikaSaiyajin: He can play cops and robbers in my bed any day, as long
    he's wearing that new coat,
    KalikaSaiyajin: yes..indeed lol
    Jaddis SSJ: hahahaha
    KalikaSaiyajin: He just looks really good now
    KalikaSaiyajin: ^_~
    KalikaSaiyajin: see, you have to hear this because Anthony cant, i cant
    his hero into a sexy model, it would be too much for him lol
    Jaddis SSJ: hahahaha
    Jaddis SSJ: true
    KalikaSaiyajin: But then there's always Wesker, mega sexy, We need more

    KalikaSaiyajin: OH FUCKING CHRIST
    Jaddis SSJ: ?
    KalikaSaiyajin: I just closed the chat window
    KalikaSaiyajin: -_-
    Jaddis SSJ: I still have it
    KalikaSaiyajin: well email it whenever
    Jaddis SSJ: ok
    KalikaSaiyajin: thank god or else I'd have to hear you bitch and moan
    KalikaSaiyajin: lol
    KalikaSaiyajin: j/k
    Jaddis SSJ: hahaha

    (You know I loves ya Bobo ^_~)

    Listening: Eat you Alive - Limp Bizkit
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